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Choices and Changes

I ponder upon the choices and changes I make in my life.  Back in the 1990s, I was exposed to the idea that if I make an incorrect choice, I can easily change that decision to something else.  I imagine that all sentient life could do that as […]

Term Break

My three-month term break is almost over.  I have already resigned another six month contract.  I hope I am able to get as much done as I possibly can.  At a minimum, this will include two CISCO certifications and two Microsoft certifications. Life is really good.  As soon […]


While I was in seminary, I came to despise metaphysics.  In the simplest terms for me, it came down to what is Real and what is not-Real; What is Made Up and what is not-Made Up; What exists entirely in the Human Mind and what does not exist entirely in the Human Mind. You can probably see […]

My Heart is Going Crazy

I am working on the benches of my kitchen table project. Yesterday, I was doing the final assembly of the pipes. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to screw the pipes together and then to balance the frame on the floor. To get it to level, one […]

Secrets of Love

I wonder why love is at times an elusive beast to capture and why love, the beast, most often takes the form of a butterfly. As all know, the butterfly is a fearsome beast and can bring even a strong man down. Fortunately, if the butterfly, a terrible […]