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America the Great

America the Great has fallen.  She is an idolatrous harlot.  She has worshiped the false gods and demons.  She will suffer in the darkness of her own making.  None will save her and the dogs will lap from the dark bounty from her spread legs.  Darkness falls and any who hope […]

Choices and Changes

I ponder upon the choices and changes I make in my life.  Back in the 1990s, I was exposed to the idea that if I make an incorrect choice, I can easily change that decision to something else.  I imagine that all sentient life could do that as […]


While I was in seminary, I came to despise metaphysics.  In the simplest terms for me, it came down to what is Real and what is not-Real; What is Made Up and what is not-Made Up; What exists entirely in the Human Mind and what does not exist entirely in the Human Mind. You can probably see […]

Making Peace with Sex

As I was going to bed last night, I started composing this blog entry. I was tempted to get up immediately and start writing, but decided just to post some notes on my iPhone so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to write about. I was tired and […]