Stony Protection

I once found myself locked up tight with some others in a nice stony protected fortress.  It was winter and the walls soaked up the freezing cold from the outside and it penetrated to the inside.  There was no way to get or stay warm.  We all huddled […]

Turk Mountain Trail Hike

I did a nice short hike today in the Shenandoah National Park.  It’s at around mile 94.1.  It’s around a 2.2 mile trek there and back.  There were a couple of women from India hiking and keeping a nice slow steady pace.  I was keeping up with them so […]

I Deleted My Facebook Account.

I deleted my Facebook account a couple of weeks back.  I waited a couple of weeks to post because Facebook has a two-week waiting period before they actually delete the account.  I deleted for a variety of reasons.  It just felt too much like a platform for advertising. […]

Adafruit and Limor Fried

My order from Adafruit came in recently.  Limor Fried is the young woman that runs the business in New York City.  What makes this particularly interesting is that Adafruit is all about open source electronics and tinkering and probably the only business of its nature in the City […]

CISCO Home Lab

I went ahead and splurged on a home lab for my Cisco studies.  I’m getting three routers, three switches, and an access server.  I got them off eBay.  I was able to do a ‘Make a Best Offer’ and got them to take off $75.  I did no […]

My Desert

I had to take a walk into my desert far away from the lights of my beautiful city.  I had to go into the darkness and sleep in the crevices of my rocky despair.  I took no solace from the wind of God on my face or his […]