My kitten chose again to visit me early this morning to do kitten things. It being so close to dawn, I didn’t bother trying to go back to sleep. In that slumber, before actually getting up an image came to me enlighten me, who remains a very silly, […]

Real Live Roleplaying

Some twenty years ago around 1983, I was involved with the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) in Mobile, Alabama.  My persona in the SCA was Aidan of Lindisfarne, an Irish monk working in Britain.  Around this time, Springhill College hosted a Renaissance Faire and a lot of the […]


I have one cat.  His name is Alex.   I also have a dog.  Her name is Betty.  It’s usually quiet.  However, my daughter has recently saddled me with her two cats temporarily:  Jasper and Jace.  Last night, it was a discordant concert of intemperate feline disharmony.  It […]

I am!

Not really though.  The problem is I don’t have an easy to define sexuality.  Since my sexual paradigm was destroyed when I was child and pre-teen, and I guess even during puberty, I never really had a chance to develop a normal sexual identity. I thought for the […]

Ownership of Ideas

Ownership of ideas is a really funny idea.  We don’t really own anything anyway for when our corporeal bodies stop functioning, any ownership we think we had ceases to exist; which is probably the best proof that we really own nothing at all.  Our ideas that we seek […]


BCEHJF9VJWUR If you really want to know what this is and why I placed it here, you should really not worry about such silly things.  For those that need to see it and know what it means will use it accordingly.  My favorite book is sometimes third to […]

Matters of the Heart

The slumber of my heart and mind are lifting.  The deep and dark depression that has clouded over me for over six years is lifting.  It took several things for it to finally dissipate. I think seminary first of all kicked me in the ass to finally think […]