As I was driving over the mountain, between the great metropolitan cities of Charlottesville and Waynesboro, my thoughts were on many things. When my mind gets clouded, I do my usual subroutine and assign less delicate tasks to my other compartments which seem more than happen to comply. […]

Jesus Christ

When I think of Jesus, I get a nice warm feeling. Of course, he is everything an Incarnate God should be for me. I think if the Creator of All should send a representative of Herself, Jesus would probably be a good representative. Unfortunately, Jesus is not well […]

My Heart is Going Crazy

I am working on the benches of my kitchen table project. Yesterday, I was doing the final assembly of the pipes. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to screw the pipes together and then to balance the frame on the floor. To get it to level, one […]

Secrets of Love

I wonder why love is at times an elusive beast to capture and why love, the beast, most often takes the form of a butterfly. As all know, the butterfly is a fearsome beast and can bring even a strong man down. Fortunately, if the butterfly, a terrible […]

My Little Brother Terry

On this day, in 1989, my little brother Terry took his own life. He and I share a similar childhood; full of the same traumas. We made different choices though. I never took the path of drugs to numb the pain of what was done to me. Terry […]

Tangled Ball of String

Nothing is more fun than to be intertwined arms and legs, naked, warm bodies, embraced, with eyes looking into the eyes of your lover staring back; with all moments collapsed into one, whispering. Her long hair falling over into your face teasing your skin to beg for more. […]

An Infinite Being

I tried to get rid of the notion of God out of my vocabulary.  God is a word that limits the being it seeks to name.  If I were to dismiss this word from my vocabulary, what would I replace it with?  The divine, the universe, Mother, Father? […]

Some Things Are Really Cool

I’ve been floating on a cloud for the last couple of days.  It’s really cool to meet someone who greets you and accepts you unconditionally.  It’s even more cool that this someone might become an important part of my life.  This is something I look forward to daily […]

The Universe Clicked

Tonight the universe clicked closer to completeness as two parts of its incarnation bonded. The synchronicity of its song became less discordant as a new melody came into being as the bonded parts lifted their voices in awe of the mystery of letting go and trusting the universe […]

The Rabbit Hole

I wonder how far down the rabbit hole I should take my visitors.  While I was wandering Lowes, the beginning of a poem took form in my mind, it goes like this: The songs that arise from my heart comes from a place furrowed from darkness, pain, hate, […]