The Skunk

I just buried a young and beautiful skunk. She was killed by a car travelling too fast by my house. I buried her beneath the pine trees in my back yard. The skunks loved to play around those pine trees. I have always loved skunks. They rank with […]


I like budgeting. I like putting all my numbers on a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. I like changing numbers and see how they change my bottom line. I think I developed my love of budgeting while I was an Army Legal Administrator; even though it left me feeling weak […]

America the Great

America the Great has fallen.  She is an idolatrous harlot.  She has worshiped the false gods and demons.  She will suffer in the darkness of her own making.  None will save her and the dogs will lap from the dark bounty from her spread legs.  Darkness falls and any who hope […]

Gay Marriage in Alabama

37 states now. I find this extraordinarily amusing. I remember several years back when the individual states started passing constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage. I wonder if the anti-gay marriage pundits realized it at the time that by doing this they would be opening the gates for […]

American Education

American formal schooling just plain sucks in most places. We convince kids that they must attend college and get a BA/BS degree. Some of these kids would more likely be better off taking a different path, such as a trade education and not college prep. So much energy […]