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Brian Chad O'Rourke

Seeing in Bright Colors

It’s kind of a mazy day here.  Misty.  Hazy.  The colors are a little subdued.  I got a price for the slabs for the tops of the kitchen table and benches. Really thick, hardwood, maple, suitable for table dancing and carrier landings. Priced at around $500. I decided […]

Seminary Psycho Tests

Prior to going to seminary I had to take a ton of psychological, intelligence, and aptitude tests.  I also got to do the famous inkblots.  I had fun with those.  All designed to make sure you’re not looney.  I was accepted to seminary; so I guess I wasn’t looney. […]

Kitchen Table and Benches

I am kind of annoyed with Lowes. I was hoping I could get a similar piece of wood for my kitchen table top as the piece I used for my electronics work bench (pictures attached). Unfortunately Lowes no longer is selling the actually 1 inch thick piece of […]


This morning as a young cat jumped on my chest I woke.  I looked at my iPhone and saw that it was 4AM.  That cat has an uncanny knack at waking me at 4AM when I am in the midst of some cool dreams or some other state […]

Moment of Reflection in the Afternoon

While cleaning my black iron pipes covered with a sticky gooey varnish for  for the kitchen set I am making, I was pondering how I can successfully find a future love interest-mate-partner-wife.  One thing important for me is of course full disclosure to this person about what I […]