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Brian Chad O'Rourke

An Indelible Mark

An ancient myth details the journey of our souls to this Earth.  It is at that moment of our conception, our souls are created.  At that very moment, God kisses our souls and the kiss leaves an indelible mark. In the journey through life from the moment of […]

I see Jesus.

When it first occurred to me that I should be searching for Jesus, it didn’t really occur to me that something else was happening, or had already happened.  And so it was that I sought Jesus.  I looked for Jesus.  And when I saw Jesus, it was then […]


I do love.  I love too much.  I’m on a journey where I walk alone in the night.  I hear voices calling me.  I ignore them.  Will I miss my love?  Will my love not understand that birds chirping in trees announce my presence in this present darkness? […]


I am returning to the seminary in January.  I spent the last year or more doing some heavy duty soul-searching and healing from my past with professionals from the VA.  I am hoping that the cleansing will give me a place to be safe and to see reality […]

God Is Not Stupid

I hear some really strange things when people talk about God.  As if God is really stupid and doesn’t have a clue.  Yes, God could be something other than what we imagine and God might be able to co-exist with us without us even knowing.  Does that make […]

Choices and Changes

I ponder upon the choices and changes I make in my life.  Back in the 1990s, I was exposed to the idea that if I make an incorrect choice, I can easily change that decision to something else.  I imagine that all sentient life could do that as […]

A Quiet Monism

When I find myself becoming subject to delusions of God and such, I always question the interior of my cranial space. There is a book that really helps me limit the impact of such imaginary things my lovely brain can come up with. The book “The Believing Brain” […]