A Job Application

I like knitting, sewing, playing
my guitar and games on the 
computer and PS4. I like 
watching movies, mostly scifi 
and stuff about love. 
I like to read and to listen 
to audiobooks. I like riding my
bike and smiling at random 
people. I love cats. I like 
Microsoft Office. I like 
uploading my documents 
and pictures to the cloud 
with multiple redundancies. 
I like numbers and mathematics. 
I’m an introvert and 
have trouble relating to people
in almost any context. 
I like investing. I like 
learning things and getting
lost on youtube learning 
to smelt lead, copper, and gold.
My hearing is bad and 
sometimes I wonder if 
what I heard is what a 
person really said. 
I hope it’s not. 
I was abducted by 
space aliens as a 
teenager; well maybe 
I went voluntarily. 
They brought me back
and that still bothers me.
I see things other people can’t. 
I’m not the only one. 
I stay in my apartment; 
because I just can’t
think of anything to 
say and even a 
nod is too much. 
I would love to be 
a castaway on a 
deserted island 
as long as I have gigabit 
synchronous fiber and 
my own nuclear arsenal. 
And of course,
my kids and granddaughter
would be there. 
I’ll share my 
Internet with them.
I notice that the 
sun is shining and 
the sky is blue.

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