The Prince of this World

I wonder why it is so easy for my brother and sister believers to be caught up so easily by the prince of this world.  He is a child of the father of lies.  He is astute at lies, yet many fall for his lies.  Those who claim to have been washed by the blood of the Lamb bleat after this abomination like the goats they are, thus revealing the love they have for the prince of darkness.  They reveal their love for this world which will pass away into the darkness.

If you do not struggle mightily against this abomination and put on the armor of God, you will fall for his lies.  Do not do this.  He is a lie.  His stench is from the darkness that shrouds him like pigmented tempura paint gone bad.

If you want your blessings in this world, you will have them.  When in the course of time, you come before the Lord and ask for His Blessings, He will turn you away and give them to those who had none.

Reject the promise of glory now.  There is none.  There is only death when you take the crown of this world.    

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