The Skunk

I just buried a young and beautiful skunk. She was killed by a car travelling too fast by my house. I buried her beneath the pine trees in my back yard. The skunks loved to play around those pine trees. I have always loved skunks. They rank with my love of cats and dogs. I told her that God would allow us to be together again with her brothers and sisters; all of God’s creation. I am reminded of what a friend told me ( Mary Beth Vrazel) a long time ago. When she first drove north from Mobile, Alabama, she would routinely stop and bury the animals she found killed by cars on the highway. She said sadly that after awhile it got to be too much for there were too many. I feel the same for humanity and all of creation as we waste human life, all life, so casually. I carry this deep in my heart. In some future time when my heart stops beating and my mind disappears, and out of the darkness, I hope I am greeted by a stinky Jesus followed by a multitude of cats and dogs and a Skunk I named Clarice.

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