Choices and Changes

I ponder upon the choices and changes I make in my life.  Back in the 1990s, I was exposed to the idea that if I make an incorrect choice, I can easily change that decision to something else.  I imagine that all sentient life could do that as well.  Somehow, we are forced into molds in our early lives and taught that we can never break out of that mold.  It seems that those who own us desire to keep us from changing for fear of upsetting their status quo.  I find this operative not only in secular society, but also in religious society.

There is a fundamental truth regarding gender.  I am born a male and more than likely will die a male.  I am not able to be a female.  Sure, there are ways to alter my appearance and provide me a way to change; but the essential ‘Brian’ will always remain the same.  I am quite content with that.  Those individuals who feel their gender is out of whack can do something about that discontinuity with their essential self; that is somewhat true in a few places in our world.

I know the world is not a friendly place.  Fortunately, I am much aware of my ability to choose to surround myself with friendly faces.  Unfortunately, some societies to include our own, desire to prevent any change that would rock the boat of these unjust societies.  In our wonderful country, there are vast ways to create small pockets of society more akin to who we think we are.  It only takes getting into my car and getting there.

Yet, there are those that despise us, who have keened their loss and seek to destroy the boat-rockers by throwing them overboard into a chaotic sea.  It is this chaotic sea that gives us freedom; yes, we might drown in the froth of the salty foam.  Perhaps though, we might learn to swim in our Mother’s salty, chaotic, frothy foam of creation.  In the distance, we hear the keening of our brothers and sisters safe on the boat of society; while we in this ocean of change, provide support to this boat full of holes.  Somehow we, who are on the edges, beckon the few on this noisy and sad boat to join the sea-creatures who have learned to swim freely in the salty brine of our Mother’s love.

Question all; especially question the ones that seem to think that it is ok to murder another society or person for the sake of theirs.  Violence is evil.  Violence is forcing those seeking freedom to remain on the keening boat of the same sad souls.  I ask why is it so important for you to make others into your image when your image is so limited.

At night, look at the stars, some near, some far, the light of whom is from a distant past, and realize we are nothing.  At the end of our lives, we will vanish into the night, never to be heard from again.  Only the images and memories of those who love us remain.  It is better then to allow those on other stars to see the light of our Sun and wonder what beautiful life surrounds her.

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