While I was in seminary, I came to despise metaphysics.  In the simplest terms for me, it came down to what is

  • Real and what is not-Real;
  • What is Made Up and what is not-Made Up;
  • What exists entirely in the Human Mind and what does not exist entirely in the Human Mind.

You can probably see that I am already generally categorizing my bias that Real, not-Made Up, does not exist entirely in the Human Mind is probably not metaphysical in origin; while metaphysics represents not-real, Made-Up, and exists entirely in the Human Mind.

I much prefer things that are real, existing outside of me and my demented mind.  Of course, it does beg the question of ‘how do I know’ which is another branch of philosophy; but that’s another day, if at all.  Fundamentally, I am getting to the religious problem metaphysics poses for me.  Theology as it exists largely in our Holy Mother Church is metaphysical in origin.  It comes from some agent allegedly outside of us, inspiring us; but of which we have no Real evidence.

My mind can make up all sorts of cool things just as much as it can invoke all the images of the angels and saints that Holy Mother Church would have us invoke.  I can imagine and believe that the Most Holy Eucharist Being the Body of Christ.  However, where in the metaphysical world does this make either my cool things or the Eucharist any less Real for me?

As I toy with Atheism and Faith, it is truly an all or nothing proposition.  I truly do love being Roman Catholic.  I wouldn’t leave my Church for any other Church except for maybe one of the other ancient Catholic Churches.  Fundamentally, it comes down to the mental quandary I am experiencing.  It is the puzzle of Faith.  It is truly the gift that all potential believers must accept.  The gift that Faith simply does not make any sense to smart people and that Faith never will no matter how many intricate arguments are constructed for current or future believers is the crux of the dilemma.

As I toy with this beautiful puzzle of Atheism and Faith, I know beyond any doubt that the entity I acknowledge as the Creator of All is giving me the absolute freedom to play with these thoughts without fear.  Love is all about freedom after all.  I know that despite my disgust with metaphysics for being a made-up pseudo-science existing only in the minds of intellectually elitist men, it is only a single, very small chisel in which we use to chip out the unfathomable mystery of all that that lies beyond us the moment we take our last breath and that the Really Big Chisel we use to chip out the same unfathomable mystery is the way we ponder and live these mysteries daily in the pursuit of Love of each other.