Painting my Kitchen and an Ecumenical Council

This morning as I was roused from slumber by an overzealous kitten-cat I caught myself thinking about the painting of my kitchen and an ecumenical council.

I like the colors I chose for my kitchen; Golden Yellow and Botanical Mountain Green. I’m thinking about a light Sky Blue for the trim. The porch purple-grey just wasn’t cutting it for me. The colors almost have that primary school crayon feel to it, comforting. I also feel Bob Ross, of happy memory, that bearded dude from PBS is about to walk around the corner and give me an art lesson on painting mountain landscapes in that peaceful, wigged-out voice of his telling me that I haven’t made any mistakes, just happy accidents. He’ll also tell me how impressed he is with my happy colors and how thoroughly, happily, impressed he is with my girlfriend. Yea, well if you ever watched his show, you know he would. He was that sort of guy. From my kitchen, I went on to thinking about an ecumenical council.

What is an ecumenical council? Well, I don’t want to be rude, but you are going to have to Google it for detail. It’s something the Christian Churches hold to determine doctrine and what-not. Why in the world would I be thinking about such a thing at 0530 in the morning? Well a kitten-cat was pouncing on my paunch and that always inspires deep thought. Specifically, there’s a couple of things this ecumenical council should address:

  1. Misogyny
  2. Sexuality
  3. Do Churches really need all that Gold?

The first two issues are burners. I am beside myself when I think that 50% of membership in the Christian Church is banned from full membership. Women are excluded from the ‘inner sanctum’ and we know what happens when such tripe occurs. Sexuality is the other burner. It’s time the Church got over its attitude about sex. The fig leaf hid more than the private parts of Adam and Eve’s bodies. They also allowed certain acts to be hidden from public view; acts such as the clerical sexual abuse of women and children. Of course, I am being reductionist. I don’t have a lot of time in a blog to set out all the reasons or the time (I really gotta get to painting).

Further, both misogyny and keeping sex and sexuality a taboo subject and hidden in the church have kept women and children in a second-class status and allowed them to be victimized and objectified by not only those in a clerical status, but also by males in the world at large. Even now, women must fight for equal pay, right to vote, right to movement, right to their own body, right to a whole lot of things in many parts of the world. The sickening thing is that Holy Mother Church is responsible for keeping women from obtaining these basic rights, either with full knowledge or casting a blind eye to their sufferings.

Of course, tradition would have it that…. Yes, we will hear that one, won’t we. Well tradition allowed slavery and the cruelty and murder of Jews among other things. So, screw that reason. Change is something the Holy Spirit loves doing. The first thing we hear the Holy Spirit doing in the Bible is changing things.

Oh yeah, what about number 3? Well, does the church really need all that gold? All that finery? No. What’s with all that mockery of the poverty of Jesus anyway? Get real. The gold they are using was procured at the hands of slavery, murder, child labor, and who knows what else crimes against humanity. In these Golden Vessels the priests are supposed to confect the Body and Blood of Christ? This is an abomination and a crime that screams out to God that the sacred presence of God should touch material snatched from the earth from the murdered souls of children. End it. Melt your gold; Feed the poor.

Yes, it’s time to hold an ecumenical council. Not a Roman ecumenical council. A genuine ecumenical council, like one of the first seven ecumenical councils. All of Christianity needs to answer the questions before it. Ecumenical. οἰκουμένη.