We all make mistakes. We all make poor choices. Just because we make a poor choice or make a mistake does not mean we stop doing whatever we are doing. What it really means when we make a mistake or choose poorly is that we have the option to make another choice or correct our mistake. Hopefully, we will be given a chance to make another choice or to correct a mistake. If for whatever reason, we are denied an opportunity to make a different choice or correct a mistake; consider even another choice within your infinite realm of choices. You can choose not to participate within the paradigm provided you. Choose your own paradigm. Choose your own life. There is nothing on this world that dictates you stay in one location or be the slave to another person. The only thing that keeps you where you are is your own limited imagination and fear.

If you hate where you are, change it. Leave. Move. Become someone else. Change your name. Invent a new persona; one that fits what your dreams may be. Even if you live in a place where you might die for such a radical attempt, isn’t it better to die trying to be what your heart and mind directs than not trying at all? What if you even live in a country where freedom of movement is easy, but others control you, because of age or other circumstances? Your safety should be paramount, of course. Don’t endanger yourself; but plan your freedom. Yes, it will be hard. It will be most difficult. You will likely be cold, alone, wet, hungry, lost; but your heart and mind will be free to choose. Each of us have a particular purpose and for whatever reason, you might have an obstacle to defeat before you can even discover that purpose; defeat, climb over the obstacle; then go and discern your purpose in freedom. You also owe it to yourself to subject yourself to parental authority; unless it is toxic and evil. In such a case, find an ally to support your cause to the end.

At the end of the day, as you lay down cold, alone, wet, hungry and perhaps lost; you will have done something far more brave and heroic than staying where you were. Your heart is dreaming; follow that dream. The worse mistake you could make is to continue doing the same mediocre thing day after day, while feeling in your heart and mind that something greater is waiting for you out in the great world beyond your self-imposed gates and walls. The best adventures begin with the first step; and even before the first step can be completed, listen to yourself. You know yourself best. Fear really is your only enemy. You in your own tiny space can embark on a transoceanic adventure, discovering new lands, a new world, a new people. Don’t be afraid. Go. Go bravely and without fear. I am pretty sure you will meet fellow souls who have done or are doing what you are doing.

I know I have and the people I’ve met in the last couple of months could only have been encountered when I threw off the yokes of someone else’s choices for me. Yes, I know it is odd that a person of my age has only recently discovered that I am not bound by prior decisions or career paths. Yet I have been a prisoner of my own limited thoughts and thinking for so long and have only now decided I don’t have to do what I used to do. I can follow the dreams that have laid dormant in my heart for so long, dreams I’ve constantly pushed under and ignored; dreams that finally bubbled to the top of my consciousness and demanded resolution. Dreams that are now leading me out of mediocrity and into a state of happiness, fulfillment, and joy as I listen to what has been hiding for so long underneath years of social conditioning and other nonsense. I will let you know how my journey goes. So far it has been a hoot.

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