Jesus Christ

When I think of Jesus, I get a nice warm feeling. Of course, he is everything an Incarnate God should be for me. I think if the Creator of All should send a representative of Herself, Jesus would probably be a good representative. Unfortunately, Jesus is not well represented by the folks who co-opted his message. Jesus was fine up to the point of his Resurrection and perhaps his Ascension. Why would I say such heretical nonsense? Well, for me it has to do with women. If you happen to read the Bible, you’ll quickly see that Jesus first appeared or made his presence known to women. The women of Jesus’ entourage were the ones who did not run away at the first sign of trouble. Jesus’ mother Mary, his good friend, Mary Magdalene, and his gay friend John, and more than likely, several other women, were the only ones at his crucifixion; everyone else had run away. They, of course, were all the brave and boisterous men.

After Jesus did all the dirty work, and the men felt safe, they came back out to play. Of course, I am doing a seriously poor job of redacting history. It is my blog and my meditation after all. If you don’t like it, go read something from the self-loathing Cardinals of San Francisco or New York. Anyway, after the men came back, the repression of women and alternate sexuality really came into being. The forms of which Holy Mother Church has so incorporated into its being that women, the blessed ones that saw Jesus first, and a possible gay man, who stood by Jesus at his crucifixion, are so repressed in the church they love, that misogyny and self-loathing sexuality are the norm for Holy Mother Church.

Why is this?

I really, really don’t know. I know Jesus would have absolutely nothing to do with it. Everyone should know that Holy Mother Church has systematically been covering up a huge sex abuse scandal, has a huge gay mafia of self-loathing bishops and priests, and secretly despises women. Jesus. I imagine Jesus and the Holy Spirit are quite irate; as they should be. Unfortunately, anyone in the Church who has a leadership position (a bishop) and attempts to raise a voice against these sins will find himself bishop of a desk and not bishop of a diocese leading a flock. Holy Mother Church does not suffer wise fools; she still burns them, just not with wood and fire. So these wise fools do nothing. We all know what happens when those in power do nothing; we get what we have and we get more of it.

So now, where do we go? Where do I go? Well I still love my Mother. She protected me in my darkest days and she held me in her holy bosom, so that I could suckle safely against the beasts of the night. I owe her my deepest loyalty and if I truly love Jesus, I owe her my protection. Like any son, I will protect my mother, whether she be a good mother or a loathsome mother. She is still my Holy Mother Church. So the best thing I can do is to scream at the top of my voice that Rome has become a harlot to the nations. She has prostituted herself to men of ill-repute and low standards. She has raped children and women and stolen money from the poor to build edifices of death. Jesus looks at you now, Church of Rome, like he looked at the prostitute in the dusty square caught in the act of adultery. He does not condemn you; he only loves you. Throw off your robes of the harlot; your chasubles of the slut. He bids you to take on the mantle of a penitent and walk freely in the Light of the Lord.

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