Secrets of Love

I wonder why love is at times an elusive beast to capture and why love, the beast, most often takes the form of a butterfly. As all know, the butterfly is a fearsome beast and can bring even a strong man down. Fortunately, if the butterfly, a terrible beast, is allowed to come and go as she pleases in complete freedom, she will do no harm to anyone. This wild and chaotic beast that can cause such joy and pain, often in the same span of time, is also a very fragile thing. It cannot be grasped or forced, for it can be destroyed in an instant. Anyone who tries to grasp at the beast will be bitten and could lose a finger, a hand, and maybe even a heart. I’ve discovered that one of the secrets of love is that it must be free, absolutely free, so that this beastly butterfly may grow unhindered to prosper and survive.

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