An Infinite Being

I tried to get rid of the notion of God out of my vocabulary.  God is a word that limits the being it seeks to name.  If I were to dismiss this word from my vocabulary, what would I replace it with?  The divine, the universe, Mother, Father?  I despise the use of Father.  Father has connotations of a pejorative patrimony and abuse I do not even want to touch upon.  We all know, or should know, what happens when men are put in charge of other men, women and children.  Why have an infinite being named as Father?  Absolutely not.  Mother would be a much better choice.  Women are much better suited to be creators, caretakers, lovers; I would even posit, that they would be a better choice to be put in charge of men, women, and children.  What about Universe?  Well that limits this infinite being to the edges of the universe and the infinite being would obviously go beyond the limited walls of the universe.  Divine is just another merely descriptive term for infinite being.  I imagine in the long run there is no word that adequately can be used to describe the entity or being responsible for all of life in our universe and all other universes; in all other dimensions and pan-dimensions.  In our human vanity, we like to put a size limit on things.  Being human and being quite vain, an image I would use is a being who at her disposal has bucketfuls of diatomaceous earth, particles whose size is measured in hundreds of micrometers, who liberally sprinkles these particles across her matrix, her construct of being; and each one of those particles represent a single universe.  Inside of that particle, we exist and we count the distance between stars in light-years and the age of our universe in billions.  In our human hubris, we dare to think we can name this being with such a paltry word.  Further, we dare to have wars and hatred in the name of this being.  It boggles my mind and I throw myself on the ground in abject humiliation at the thought of how small I am that I might be a party of any of that nonsense.  I know I could not have had this image come to my mind unless I had a fleeting and minute touch with this being for which I will never be the same.

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