Seeing in Bright Colors

It’s kind of a mazy day here.  Misty.  Hazy.  The colors are a little subdued.  I got a price for the slabs for the tops of the kitchen table and benches. Really thick, hardwood, maple, suitable for table dancing and carrier landings. Priced at around $500. I decided that I did not really need to do table dancing or carrier landings; just fine dining. I’m going to go with the Lowes’ product. If I really need to do carrier landings, I’ll use my deck; at least it’s a deck.

I guess if the thin slabs are really too thin, I can always get thicker pieces down the line.  I am just at the point where I would like to have a kitchen table.  I think when I go get the wood for the table and benches, I will go ahead and get the parts for the coffee table.  I’m going to delay making the other pieces.  I’m rethinking what will look best in those spaces.

I had a run in with a scammer last night.  The first thing I did was to put a fraud alert on my credit agency reports.  I got my free credit report and it looks ok.  I’m usually not so gullible; even though I knew it was probably a scam, I went along with it.  I wonder why I did that now.  I think I just wanted to play.  I gave the person my Google number; which I thought could sidetrack into an anonymous box.  Unfortunately, I did not set it up for that.  Yet.  Silly me.  Since I did not have it linked to an anonymous box it linked to my cell phone.  Yuck.

Well I am off to Lowes to get the wood to finish my table.  I’ll probably get the paint while I’m at it.  I need to get a food safe sealant as well.  Polyurethane would be cool; but it’s kind of too glassy.  Maybe if I got a flatter polyurethane it would be ok.  I’m also going to get some brighter colors for my kitchen cabinets.  I’m tired of porch purple.  I’m going to use the same colors on the cabinets as the table/bench legs; some uniformity of theme and thought.  I’m thinking golden yellow; traditional and like the sun when she is happy.

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