Kitchen Table and Benches Redux

The kitchen table and benches are assembled, less the table and bench tops.  I am going to have to find specialty wood for that.  They look really cool.  I am going to start on a living room coffee table, an entry room table, and a mudroom table.  The entry room and mudroom table will look similar.  I will use those for knick-knacks, shoes, and stuff like that.  After those pieces are complete, my furniture building for the house will be finished.

It will be nice to have a kitchen table and something to sit on.  Perhaps I’ll even invite people over for dinner now.  Kind of hard to do that when sitting arrangements are limited.  I am glad I did not buy any of that crappy store furniture.  The stuff I make is so solid;  solid enough for carrier landings as one of my warrant officer buds said!

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