This morning as a young cat jumped on my chest I woke.  I looked at my iPhone and saw that it was 4AM.  That cat has an uncanny knack at waking me at 4AM when I am in the midst of some cool dreams or some other state of being.  Of course, I would rather stay in that condition; but then I probably wouldn’t remember anything.

Anyway, I remember a series of dreams I had; some old and recurring.  One in which I was in a chapel in a retreat center I used to hang out in when I was a young college student.  In this dream, the ceiling fell away and I saw clouds bubbling like one would see in a thunderstorm, the type that accompanies tornadoes.  Out of these clouds I saw a massive hand descend towards me and I heard a voice tell me something.  What it said is completely irrelevant because I cannot remember what was said but only the gist of what was said.  Needless to say from that point on in my life I have never really needed anyone else to convince me something else is operative in the universe.

Another dream in this series involved what I would call a trip to the beginning of creation.  I am skimping on details here, but the bottom line is I was taken to the beginning of creation, I guess one would call it the ‘big bang’ and I saw it happen.  Afterwards I was returned to my bedroom.  Yes, it was just a dream; but it was a dream that just was a little too real; I had complete sensual awareness.  It is still something I feel and completely cool to ponder.

The other dream that has totally blown my mind and perception of ‘religion’ and archetypes and what-not is one that also gives me complete assurance that something/someone else is operating in this universe.  Anyway, I was climbing up a sheer cliff face.  It was one of the worst sort of walls one could climb.  There were no good hand holds, footholds, or anything.  Oh yeah, there was no rope holding me and without a rope, no one to belay me.  Yuck.  I was half-way up a cliff that was hundreds of miles high and I still had a long, long way to go, feeling very, very discouraged.  Guess who comes flying up besides me?  It was the Buddha.  How do I know it was the Buddha?  Well in dreams, you just know these things.  So the Buddha flies besides me, grinning, and tells me I am doing things the hard way.  I am clinching the side of the mountain afraid I am going to fall off, still partly unaware that I was still in a dream.  Then it dawned on me; the Buddha looked at me with eyes radiating a pure and dazzling energy, zipping about, almost like atoms bouncing about, and he spoke: “Let go.”  I did.  I started flying and he came up besides me and we flew to the top of the mountain, more like a plateau, where there was a huge oak tree.  Guess who was standing under the oak tree.  I know this is going to sound really odd and I guess you gotta remember it’s probably an archetype; it was Kid Rock; which of course started another dream series and some other blog entry for some other day.  I gotta go work on my kitchen furniture.

Needless to say, these are all very weird; but very fun dreams to have and to think about.

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