Unfolding Completion

I am a part of the universe encapsulated and unfolding itself to its ultimate conclusion.  When I have the stillness of mind and heart to contemplate the utter beauty of what lies before me and my very, very small part in it, I see the universe in its totality unfolding itself along lines and curves our minds cannot perceive or imagine.  I see the dance of stars and planets within the mutual spin of vast galaxies growing smaller in the lines and curves with each other.  It is as if each particle of each galaxy is only a particle of huge clumps of diatomaceous earth sprinkled or thrown randomly and chaotically in a vast construct of blackness.  The beauty of the random and chaos is revealed only when a mind evolves from such diatoms that can contemplate its unfolding.

So this morning when I was lying in bed thinking about the day I was going to spend with my son and his girlfriend and later in the day a person I have yet to meet, I was for a moment given a peek into the universe unfolding in me and before me.  I heard the voice of the music in my mind saying to face my fears, to not run away, to confront darkness, to embrace the chaos and the random and see the order within the disorder.  In that very small moment when I escaped time and embraced something bigger than me, I knew I cannot fail for even failure is an unfolding towards completion.  I knew in that small moment of time as I touched the essential core of unfolding completion that I was a part, that all of us, are part of something amazing; and at any given moment we are just heartbeats away from the ultimate reality.

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