Not at All a Miserable Night

I am amused this evening. I thought I was going to have a miserable night; but a path opened and I took it. Sometimes things need to be pruned and prior to the pruning, some preparation needs to take place. I feel as if I have done all I can to make where I stand in this wondrous universe a brighter place. In reality, some people really don’t deserve to be elevated to immortality by the words I write or the words I will write. As a writer and storyteller, I can choose all elements of the story and how it unfolds. I choose who becomes a God. In my story, I bestow God-like status only on those who have walked a hard-won row with me; someone who stood by me when things were the worse; someone who didn’t pop smoke the moment things began to unravel. I guess what’s amusing is to find out that you might be the only person in a friendship that was serious about the friendship and all evidence to the contrary in word and deed is a lie. It’s comforting knowing that this person is not worthy of a person with noble and lofty goals. It’s ok to prune such things from oneself. Yes, it hurts; but the pain is the pain of being renewed. New growth will sprout and the universe opens up new love to those who spurns not the creative energies at work in and around them. Yes, this evening is definitely an odd evening.

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