Incarnations of the Universe

Each one of us is an incarnation of the universe; each one of us as if the universe decants a portion of its being into us.

At the end of my long darkness, my period of numbness, I was greeted by the most wonderful and beautiful face of such an incarnation of the universe. As she pulled me out of darkness into the bright light of a new creation, I became aware of all the life around me and how it was all connected. All this flooded into me and I was overwhelmed as this entity, caught in the same world as me, told me a simple truth that we are all the same energy. My knowledge of quantum physics grants me the ability to state that at the smallest measurable length, the Planck length, there is a certain foaminess to all of existence; that we are all one and the same at this level; in fact at that level nothing really matters anyway. Yes, I might be making some quantum physicians foam at the mouth right now; but this is my story after all. However, necessarily we derive from the same energy; look one and the same; the same foaminess.

In us, as incarnations of the universe, lies much to learn, to accept, and to refute. It is commonly accepted that the universe has only incarnated only one of itself and that being is worshiped as a God. I am not going to refute that. I grew up in that tradition; it is a beautiful tradition on many fronts and an ugly one as well. I do not deny this being as a singular important incarnation of the universe; in fact later Christian theologians would echo the thought: “God became human; so that humans may become God.” [Please note: I changed the translation a bit.]

I am saying perhaps in a more revolutionary and in your face against the power-structures-that-currently exist that we are struck from the same being as this ‘singular being.’ The moment we realize this is the moment we have our freedom to see the universe; to see God for what God really is. It also allows us to escape the unnecessary, authoritarian, hierarchical, misogynistic, and self-loathing sexuality of these world religions that have formed around singularity when there are in reality countless incarnational ways in which the universe decants itself into being.

Somehow over time on this planet humans (we believe) were the first to evolve self-awareness, sentience, and all that other stuff that makes us what we are. I don’t necessarily think we are the only ones on the planet so far; we are simply the first. The same goes in the rest of our galaxy and universe. There are no doubt countless sentient beings, all incarnations of the same universe working itself out.

Awhile back, Carl Jung expressed the idea of collective unconscious for the human mind. I would also posit that if it is possible for the human mind; it would also be possible for there to be a collective unconscious for all minds that stretch across the universe. Just as it is difficult to nail down the human collective unconscious, I am sure it would probably be just as difficult or even more difficult to nail down a universal collective unconscious.

Maybe for some of us when we go to sleep at night and dream of alien worlds and alien peoples, those are not really dreams, but somehow we are in fact tapping into a universal collective unconscious; and across the universe, some other mind is dreaming of us. I know that bothers me a little; because we don’t really put on a good show or representation of the best we can be. Do we?

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