Shared Consequence

All life is consequential and by sharing your life with another being you share in its consequences. The shared interconnectedness of all life becomes apparent when you willingly give up a part of your life so that another life may live. The consequences are one and the same for all life; apparent or not; sapient or not.

What life I have to give, I give to you. Any life I have that I do not need, I give to you. I do this so that you may live. The meaning of this only comes when one person has fullness of life and another suffers from a shortage of life. There is a lack of balance between the two; yet by a simple sharing of one’s life, a balance can be restored.

We have learned and have reinforced the idea that this is a natural order. It may be a natural order for animals; but if we are to evolve our being, we must reject that pejorative sense of natural order, stop being animals, and replace it with one of shared consequence. One person at a time consciously dissolving the bonds that separate us from one another is the beginning of our evolution into something beyond our limited selves. A disjointed humanity is a warring, selfish humanity. A joined humanity is humanity.

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