My kitten chose again to visit me early this morning to do kitten things. It being so close to dawn, I didn’t bother trying to go back to sleep. In that slumber, before actually getting up an image came to me enlighten me, who remains a very silly, feckless boy.

I saw a beautiful butterfly flutter across a field of daisies in the crazy dance that they do. It came close to me and landed on my hand. This butterfly, like all butterflies, had wings of finest golden gossamer. I reached up to touch these wings and as I did so I noticed someone else had already done so; and whoever had touched this wonderful creature had left holes in her wings. I withdrew my hand immediately and felt a great pang knowing I was about to further harm this beautiful creature of perfect flight.

As I stood there, the clouds who had hidden the sun for so long released her golden rays and they caught on the butterfly’s wings. Momentarily, the butterfly glowed iridescent yellow, green, blue, and gold. Then this mighty creature took flight and her crazy dance across a field of daisies seemed the happiest dance I had ever seen a butterfly do.

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