I have one cat.  His name is Alex.   I also have a dog.  Her name is Betty.  It’s usually quiet.  However, my daughter has recently saddled me with her two cats temporarily:  Jasper and Jace.  Last night, it was a discordant concert of intemperate feline disharmony.  It drove me crazy.  When one is in bed and paralyzed from being half-asleep, it is really hard to get up and separate the feral creatures from hell.  So now I have a sleep-deprived headache.  Now, the cats are quiet, resting content and at peace with one another.  I really think they do this on purpose with only one intent and I think Hollywood has already made a movie about it.  If I were really a bad man, I would put all three in my old Army duffle bag and tie it to my ceiling fan and let them have a spin into perdition.

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