To the Bishops of Holy Mother Church

Holy Mother Church has always been a shelter in a storm for me.  She has always been a kind repose for my chaotic spirit.  It greatly disturbs me to know that many of you have been hiding predator wolves and are predator wolves yourselves.  Further it disturbs me that many of you know of your brother bishops to be these predators or have supported predators.  Yet you stand idly perched on a fence in between two opposing forces for fear of alienating each other or your hierarchy; without care alienating your precious flock or the many who have left in disgust or fear of you and your lack of ethical and moral leadership.

This greatly disturbs me.  I know the Holy Spirit, the guide for Holy Mother Church, while a steady presence for centuries and will be forever, is also greatly perturbed at your lack of taking a stand against this great evil done against your very flock.  So now the Spirit of God declares against you her righteous anger:  Jump off your fence of ineptitude and fear.  Jump into the midst of the wolves and cast them out from the flock before the flock disperses to the winds.  Obey your call from God; Proclaim the Gospel; Lead your church; Be the Good Shepherd.

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