Stony Protection

I once found myself locked up tight with some others in a nice stony protected fortress.  It was winter and the walls soaked up the freezing cold from the outside and it penetrated to the inside.  There was no way to get or stay warm.  We all huddled together in fear.  We sought to console each other and remind one another that there was something better somewhere else.  It worked.  One day there was a loud, bone-jarring explosion that felt like it was just outside our fortress.  It was a long ways off though because the sound and vibrations were well apart.  It’s like timing the sound of thunder after a lightning strike.  I knew it was an atomic strike as well.  The counters in the fortress went crazy.  Over time they went quiet; sounds of battle went quiet.  I knew it was dead outside; much like the death I felt inside our fortress; much like the death I felt inside me.  One day I heard a different sort of noise.  I was the only one that heard it and I kept it to myself.  It went on and on.  I thought it odd that no one else heard it and I was a bit leery about mentioning it to anyone.  However, I did.  The others distanced themselves from me.  They refused to believe there were any other sounds or activity outside the fortress.  I didn’t mention it any more; but they knew from the look on my face that I still heard it.  The way they looked at me.  Crazy suspicion.  They thought I was crazy.  They were the ones with the crazy look though.  I woke one morning with the sound in my mind as if it were an ethereal dream slipping away.  I tried to hang on to it as long as I could so as to remember the sense of contentment I had.  It left though.  Then I realized it was really in my ears.  I decided at that moment to leave our shelter.  I was tired of this impenetrable cold that had settled here.  My mates were a bit odd and I knew it was time for me to leave.  I sensed an adventure waiting for me.  I longed to see for myself what waited for me.  I longed to feel the embrace on my tired body of the sinews of sun’s golden rays.  I made my plan to leave and it would not be easy.

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