Turk Mountain Trail Hike

I did a nice short hike today in the Shenandoah National Park.  It’s at around mile 94.1.  It’s around a 2.2 mile trek there and back.  There were a couple of women from India hiking and keeping a nice slow steady pace.  I was keeping up with them so as to not go to fast.  I tend to burn myself out to quickly otherwise.  They were all too eager to let me go ahead.  I explained why I wanted to let them stay in front of me.  We compromised though.  One was in front of me and one was behind me.  They were kind of funny.  There were probably around ten other hikers and two dogs on that trail.  A couple had a young baby, maybe two months.  That is quite commendable considering how steep the hike is.  It was a beautiful day.  The climb was a bit steep and I was glad I made it to the top!  The views were beautiful.  My heart on the way up and back felt like it was ready to explode.  What a nice work out!