My Soul Wandering Amoung the Stars

At night when I would look at the stars, I would let my spirit wander among the stars.  I knew my body did not belong on this earth.  With one glance at the stars arrayed in perpetual dancing light, I would cast off this fleshy shell and send my soul off to explore the beginnings and ending of the universe.  Time expanded my mind to fill the narrow gaps between the stars allowing me to see the celestial movements as only foam from the crashing waves of a salty sea.  In this warm water of a tropical ocean I wiggled my toes and felt the sand escaping from beneath my feet as the waves receded.  In this night of mine, I looked around for another soul to share this vision beauty rare and wispy.  I saw no one in between the stars and with melancholia I returned to my body with its heart still beating rhythmically.  Its frail and unsteady time-keeping reminding me that one day my atoms will one day return to the universe mixing with all other atoms that have being.  Then in a far distant and timeless night another soul will capture these atoms into being and look up at a sky full of stars dancing in radiant light and offer up their soul to explore the vastness of something bigger than anything that can be imagined.

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