I Deleted My Facebook Account.

I deleted my Facebook account a couple of weeks back.  I waited a couple of weeks to post because Facebook has a two-week waiting period before they actually delete the account.  I deleted for a variety of reasons.  It just felt too much like a platform for advertising.  Since everything is integrated, the adverts would be based on what one looked for in some other website or might have posted on one’s Facebook.  Obviously no privacy, huh?

I guess I didn’t like the idea that anything I posted, even if private, was shared with Big Brother.  I also noticed that ‘friends’ would infer things that I posted and their inferences would be wrong.  It’s dangerous to try to read the mind of a crazy person. has a nice article about the twenty top annoying things people do on Facebook.  I agree with them all.  I was guilty of a couple as well.  I wasted a lot of time on it as well.  I was prodded into deleting by a friend as well.  In the end, Facebook did not add any value to my life.  Anyway…it’s gone.

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