CISCO Home Lab

I went ahead and splurged on a home lab for my Cisco studies.  I’m getting three routers, three switches, and an access server.  I got them off eBay.  I was able to do a ‘Make a Best Offer’ and got them to take off $75.  I did no small research on this purchase.  My fear is that I get a lot of crap from shady dealers; so I made sure that the folks I dealt with had a perfect or near perfect rating.  My stuff is already in shipment and should be here in two shipments: Saturday and Monday (hopefully).

I am also studying for the new version of the ICND1/2 tests.  I could have taken the older tests before the end of September; but I would have been rushing.  I really want to take my time with my networking studies.  Besides I still have four months left in the semester.  I talked to my mom and we will go to Arizona in November so that gives me three months to prepare and take both these tests.

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