Adafruit and Limor Fried

My order from Adafruit came in recently.  Limor Fried is the young woman that runs the business in New York City.  What makes this particularly interesting is that Adafruit is all about open source electronics and tinkering and probably the only business of its nature in the City surrounded by lawyers and financial predators.  As a ham radio operator (K4UL) and electronics tinkerer for a long time, when I discovered her a while back I was besides myself with joy.  She’s not the only person doing open source electronics tinkering and what-not;  however, she represents what’s best about the concept of innovation and ingenuity on the small-scale.  The idea of moving forward can only happen when ideas are ‘free’ to move forward.  When ‘ideas’ are patented and subjected to lawyers suing for patent violations that just kills innovation and ingenuity.  I hope she is always able to maintain her sense of innovation and ingenuity.  There’s also one other thing she has that I think helps her along her way:  a wonderful sense of adventure.