Sweet Potato, Topped with Cinnamon and Sugar

While I am working on my web project for school and eating a sweet potato, topped with cinnamon and sugar for lunch, I was reflecting on my experience from the last year.  I am a person adverse to anything that might reek of mediocrity, in others and especially in myself.  I found a place where mediocrity is pushed and rewarded.  It made me sick.  I decided I did not want to follow a path of mediocrity, to put myself into a box of mediocrity, to study mediocrity, and to believe in a God of mediocrity.  I do not think God wants us to be mediocre; yet, everything in certain religions demand absolute mediocrity to the point of excluding women, homosexuals, and anti-establishment thinkers who challenge mediocre leadership.  This appalled me.  I chose not to participate.  I appreciate my experience because it helped me figure out what was going on in my mind and in my life.  So when I pray to God, a God who is not merely mediocre, God knows my struggle and God knows how I relish the conflicts I have within myself.  It’s ironic but I awake each day knowing that it is this conflict and struggle that keeps me from being mediocre; for if I am satisfied, I stop struggling.  I stop breathing.  I die.

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