A Financial Analysis on Keeping Stuff in Storage for Six Years while I’m in Seminary

I was thinking about bringing excess stuff and putting them in storage (climate controlled and above the flood stage) in New Orleans. After reviewing the charges for storage in New Orleans, I am having some real heavy-duty second thoughts. What do you think?

U haul my Stuff to New Orleans  $1,000.00
Pay Storage per month  $150
The Number of Months in a Year 12.00
Total Cost for Storing and Maintaining Stuff for Six Years of Seminary  $13,800.00
Number of Years in Seminary  6.00
Cost per Year to Keep Stuff in Storage $2,300.00

I personally think it’s retarded to keep anything in storage unless it’s short-term.  My decision is to be rid of it all.  So I am getting rid of it all. Anyone want stuff?

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