I’m Back

Geez, I haven’t written anything here in years. My last entry talks about my retirement. Well I retired in March 2008. I was working on an education degree, thinking I might want to become a social studies teacher. I changed my mind after getting into it. My life is already well-encumbered. I didn’t want to add to that load. So now I sit without a job. I am well able to live off my retiree pension; but it does not afford me much else besides a subsistence level of life. So I seek once again a job. I do have an interview later this week. It’s for a systems administrator job at UVA Darden school. I am sure I can do the job quite well. First hurdle is this interview. More on that later.

Other news. I got divorced. No longer married to a fiesty irish woman. Now a divorced middle-aged man. My two kids are my joy. They remind me of the life I once had.

So now my life is at a crossroad. It’s been like that for the last two years. I hate not being in the Army. It was a medical retirement so I didn’t have much choice. I would have chose to stay in. It was a great life. I am having trouble moving forward. I don’t know if it is the place where I live. It’s a small town with a small attitude and not a lot of computer jobs. My only relief is the church (St. John’s Catholic). I’ve met a lot of great people there and they are all now part of my greater family. How does one move on? I am still attached to the past. This much I know. My present is quite comfortable; but I am ill-at-ease with the comfortableness. I want a challenging job to look forward to everyday. My life in the Army was a challenge and it encouraged me to move forward.

I now seek to move forward. I forgot how cathartic livejournal could be.

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