I ate something bad

I ate something bad in this country in the last week or more. I got an intestinal congestion. I was hurting bad. Got the runs, blood and all. oh god it hurt. i was able to pass what ever it was by massaging my right sight. I thought it was a bloody app. yuck. ate a ton of salad. fiber stuff. finally i cleared it all out.

my surgery went fine too. i am up and walking. ran a mile this past week. that’s about all i could manage. my bloody cat’s been meowing all night for company no doubt.

so i limp. so glad i am over 20 yrs ad now. retire next year maybe. that’ll give me 22.

but what to do, what to do. i did get a job offer of $150K on my departure from the army. also got offered to lead a magafirm branch office in stuttgart, germany. wife don’t want to go back to germany though until the kids are done with school. that’s in another ten years. i’ll be 53 then and not interested in moving anymore.

lovely weather here in korea right now. snow has melted from the other day. still chilly though.

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