Army Stuff

Geez, Long time since I posted anything here.

I get promoted to Chief Warrant Officer Three next week. I am PCSing to Korea in June. I’ll be in the 2nd Infantry Division. My wife and kids stay here. I’ll be there for two years. I’ll miss two years of my kids lives.

A few months back I submitted my retirement papers. It didn’t happen. I was “convinced” that it would not happen. Funny thing about things like that. I could have retired this summer when I hit 20 years active duty. Unfortunately, my retirement is not going to happen anytime soon.

Last week I finally got around to burning the audio disks of an interview I conducted with a WWII CWO. My boss was there with me. Less than a week later, she was killed in Iraq. It still shreds me. It really shreds me with the lies I hear everyday. I know Americans are not that stupid. But then how is it that we ended up with what we have now in power?

I am really amazed with the fascist religious right attacking Spongebob and Patrick for being gay. It’s a fucking cartoon. I wonder what the fuck is wrong with these people.

We went to Ireland for Christmas and New Years. It was fun to see the Irish perspective on American power. Our country has no respect in the world. Can’t much blame them. As an American in the military I am proud to have certain core values. I wish our politicians would some how obtain these same values. America’s liberty is vinegar, soured, nasty, rotten.

I am exhausted, tired, and flabbergasted.

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