My Wife Became an American Citizinzen today!

On this day, 23 January 2004, My wife, Louise Mary McEnally O’Rourke, became an American Citizen in the Western District of Virginia. After the oath and the presentation of Certificates of Naturalization, the Judge asked the newly Naturalized Citizens to provide a comment my wife: I’ve been married to an American Soldier for Fifteen Years! And today I am Proud to be an American Citizen! Everyone in the courthouse clapped. And so should we all Clap!! In America, we are free to clap for anything we want! I am an American Soldier! I serve in the Forces that guard our Country and our Way of Life! Now my Wife took an Oath to defend our Constitution even under the threat of Death to protect all of us against those who would destroy OUR Way of Life. She did it. She did it. Despite the fact she loves her Ireland. Her momma and poppa still live there. And today she bridge the gap between nations. She executed an Act of Bravery today stating under Pain of Death and Self-Sacrifice that she will give everything to protect all of our Rights to say, do, or be anything we want or need to be!

I am Proud of my Wife.  I am Proud of the Woman who explicitely accepts me unto her.  I am Proud of the WOMAN who became an AMERICAN today!!

Now I ask all of you who are truly American to ponder upon the meaning of freedom and liberty and to thank our Lord and Saviour who brings Ultimate Freedom to All of Us

to pray for those who do not not have freedom and liberty to ultimately receive Freedom and Liberty.

Yes Our Nation has chosen to take upon Herself a Conflict which may not Best represent our Individual Love of Freedom and Liberty;  BUT she has chosen to take upon herself a Duty beyond herself.

As should all of us.  Not one of us is an Island.  Not one of us can do anything properly without the assistance of another.

Therefore, I ask each one of you to consider the Needs of Someone other than yourself for the Promises of America

American promises much.  But America can promise only as much as We are willing to give.

And we as Americans can give much.

We can give Our Lives.

We Will Give Our Lives.

We will give our lives because

Your lives mean so much to U.S. 

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