Yesterday I upgraded my FCC Amateur Radio License to General. I took the Morse Code test and passed. I then took the General Class written test and passed. I attempted the Extra Class test, but by then my brain was fried.

I had my first HF contact with a guy (Denny Dewing/N0HWQ) in Minnesota. There was a lot of QRM so I could hear him in and out of the noise.

I am TDY once again. I was in DC last week. This week’s trip is for my pre-retirement conference (called Transition Assistance Program). I have to learn how things are done in the civilian realm. My completion of 20 years service in the military is looming. I haven’t decided whether to get out or not. I also have a promotion coming up. If I take that then I get to stay in another two years and possible have to move out of Charlottesville. About the only way I’ll take is with a guarantee to stay here. We will have to see what happens.

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