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For those of you who watched the news and saw that an American helicopter had been shot down. MG Romig was the two star general in the other helicopter. Tomorrow I go to ANC for the burial of SGM Gilmore. On Monday, it will be for CW5 Swartworth. My heart is broken in two. Words fall short of losing comrades such as these. I am proud to be in the US Army and even more proud of these great soldiers who have died so that we all may be free.
Sharon was my boss. We were quite close and traveled together quite a few times for JAGC business. Last week we were in Atlanta interviewing a WWII JAG Warrant Officer. I recorded the interview and it is the next to the last evidence of her love of the JAGC, the Army and our Great Country. I will miss her and SGM Gilmore. SGM Gilmore and I were both Law Center NCOICs in Germany. He was selected for promotion and became my boss for a short period of time. They were super people, Super Soldiers. Great Americans. Thanks for your kind regard and please pray for the repose of their souls.
Brian O’Rourke, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army.


—-Original Message—–[break]
From: Romig, Thomas J MG OTJAG[break]
Sent: 11/8/2003 2:02 PM[break]
Subject: Bereavement Notice – CW5 Swartworth/SGM Gilmore[break]

Members of the JAG Regiment:[break]

It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I inform you of the deaths
of the Warrant Officer of the Corps, CW5 Sharon Swartworth, and the
Sergeant Major of the Corps, SGM Cornell Gilmore. On 7 November 2003,
CW5 Swartworth and SGM Gilmore died when the helicopter they were riding
in was struck by enemy fire.[break]

CW5 Swartworth and SGM Gilmore were accompanying me on my Article 6
visit to Iraq. They were doing what they loved most — meeting with the
soldiers of our Corps.[break]

Information regarding funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.[break]

Please keep the Swartworth and Gilmore families in your prayers.[break]


Thomas J. Romig[break]
Major General, USA[break]
The Judge Advocate General[break]

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