Back from Boston

I am back from a conference in Boston. Boston is a nice town. Really busy and totally chaotic. Flying into and out of Logan is not pleasant. Flying into and out of Philadelphia is not pleasant. Pittsburgh was ok.

I really don’t like flying. Especially when surrounded by a lot of people. However, when I am sitting next to someone who’s a conversationalist; it is nice. There are some really interesting people on the planes. Then there are the ‘princesses.’ Those are the ones that whine about everything. I want to tell them ‘sit down and shut up.’ But of course that would make it worse. An older lady sitting next to me was like rolling her eyes everytime Princess Sitting Behind Me whined. I was thinking of my long suffering and tolerant wife as this whiner whined. When placed side by side, a high maintenance person and low maintenance person are quite obvious.

I think of my own personality traits. I think I am somewhat low maintenance. I like minding my own business. I like shrinking into my own bubble of self-protection. I do love engaging other people though when I get annoyed. I become catlike and begin my hunt. Of course, malice has nothing to do with it. It’s only the hunt that is worthwhile.

Also while I was at the conference I got a job offer from Lockheed-Martin. I told them I would not leave Charlottesville. They told me that it didn’t matter. They have offices all over the place. But then do I really want to work in the defense industry after doing it for 20 years? Yeah, I guess I would if it were a decent job. I told the lady I can’t do much. But I do have a sense of humor. That’s probably the only reason they would hire me (that and my terrific sense of planning, engineering and good looks help).

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