Saturday afternoon

I installed my mobile ham radio (2m) in the car. Need to get a faceplate to finish it off.

Technology is cool. Too bad the world is in a state of chaos. Chaos might encourage a need to excel. Chaos might require a need to kick someone’s ass.

Chaos requires creativity. Chaos requires beautiful minds to see the razor blade dancing dangerously close to doom. The razor blade dance requires order. It requires a sense of purpose and design.

Technology is nothing compared to our living and breathing selves. Life is technology. I feel my heart beating. I feel my muscles move whenever I move.

When my wife comes up to me and touches my chest, I feel the glorious technology at work. When my little girl comes and asks me, “where is the Avril Lavigne CD?” I know that all that we try to do is nothing compared to the ultimate technology.

My wishes: Ban hate, ban war, ban anything that’s evil. My country, our country; I wish would take on a mantle of humility and throw itself at the feet of God, begging forgiveness for our vanity in thinking xenophobic and other hateful thoughts.

There is no glory in war. My friends and my country’s enemies die. Required reading for future leaders of our nation and the world: everything i learned, i learned in kindergarten.

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