School’s Out for the Summer

I finished my last several papers and final exam for my grad courses. I mailed the papers and final to my teacher.

I am also content because the last two classes I need to finish my Masters are not currently offered. I have to specially request them (which I did BTW). So I have several months of mindless activity in which to indulge myself. Activities like playing my MUD (Temporal Rift), reading and programming, staring idly at my computer, and hiking on Saturdays. Yea!

I redid my website last night. Someone (my good friend assertiveangel) mentioned the old color scheme screamed of a rat on an acid-crack combo. She should know that it isn’t a rat, it’s a brian on an acid-crack combo.

I also discovered my max for working full time, being a daddy, and taking four grad courses in one season. It nearly drove me crazy. It was almost as bad as when I was a Recruiter for the Army. Those were 20 hour days (for only 6 days out of the week – seriously!).

See ya.

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