I am better and more beautiful than you.

Do y’all ever get the attitude from some folks that they are better and more beautiful than you? I conducted an experiment on a community called ‘truly beautiful.’ I answered the questions and posted. The responses I got on my answers were vapid. Several in particular were quite silly. For instance, “your answers were too short.”

Here are some of my answers:

Capital Punishment: Absolutely Against State Sanctioned Murder.
Abortion: Against (with exceptions)
Premarital Sex: Guilty as Charged.
Tabacco: Don’t Smoke. OK for others if done considerately.
Same sex relationships: Why not? Why be against an essential nature of a person?
Religion: Religion is man-made. Faith is a gift from God.
Love at First Sight: Why of course! Isn’t that the best way to find a lover?
The Homeless: Come live with me.

The essential answer to any vote on beauty or intelligence is not that you are beautiful or intelligent or that your beauty or intelligence is even relevant to how the universe works itself out through you. The essential answer is that you are loving and kind to other people. No snobbery or conceit will earn you a higher place in a universe where the earthworm or the platypus reign supreme.

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