Counting Down

One year, 11 months. Submit retirement papers 11 months from now. Yea!!! I remember when I was stationed in Korea We had short timers calendars. Had 365 boxes to fill in. Each day a box was filled in. I guess I can create something like that now. I am going to grow my hair long. Maybe a goatee, sideburns. I don’t know if I am going to smoke pot though.
I will be 42 years old when I retire. What will I do then? I think I’ll work at a book store and drink pina coladas before I go into work. I feel like the guy planning to escape from prison. He got away, went to Mexico, lived by the ocean on a beautiful beach. I want to live on beach. While my body may not be suited for skimpy Speedos, I love them. That’s my dream. To die on a beach in my Speedos with a pina colada in my grasp.

How drole!

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