With what happened in Louisiana among other things. A man shot in the back several times. He was walking away. The police cameras caught it live! Does one wonder why a black man in Louisiana would try to flee from the evil white Police? There is shame only on American police. The rights eroded, taken from the accused by our Supreme Court have been used by fascist police now to destroy not only sophisticated rights, but also the basic right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Police everywhere used lies to do their work. Lying is evil! It might be the lesser of two evils, but when a person chooses even the lesser of these two evils, he is still choosing evil! A citizen of our great country cannot trust the police, or the judicial system. As a white person, I am most offended by the wanton and malicious attack on black people. I believe in the lies of America! I believe in truth and justice in America. However, it has all been a bunch of lies! Even now, our national leaders refuse to answer questions regarding our illegal attack on Iraq!

I tell you now, “Don’t trust your government, and don’t trust the police!” The only government worth having is a government from, by and for the people. None of which, we have.

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