The Spider Stories

Charlotte, the magical Black Widow Spider, is doing well. She bounces all over her web. She’s been talking to me lately. Asking to sit on my hand. I don’t think I’ll let her. I went over 18 years of active military service today. Yeah! I had a brain fart while I was running this morning. It didn’t last long though.

So tell me this. Why is it that assholes can be assholes to me and I still continue to smile and talk to them? I am just no good at holding a grudge or ignoring them. Of course, I fume, but even that doesn’t last long. I wish I could hold a grudge.

I think I am just too nice.

I also don’t think I am a very good student. I have like 60 or 70 pages to write for my grad courses and I am not motivated.

I feel lazy. I need a wild party where I can get drunk and go crazy. If I am lucky someone will pull my clothes off and do naughty things to me. OK, if you read this far, you get a prize. 😉

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