After the Fact

It’s over. America that is.

We have forgotten something important on our way to Hegemony. The thing is compassion. We have forgotten how to love. We have forgotten how to care for one another in need and in that forgetfulness lies our demise. We shall fall. For pride goes before the fall. And in that fall, there will be no one there to pick us up. No one; because when the world thinks of our Hegemony, they will think of vanity and pride. No one in this world thinks highly of braggarts.

If we win anything in this world, it is not because of our personal glory, but all due to the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. If our nation wins anything, it will be thought that we won because we kick and fight unfairly. Bullies are not praised. Nor should they.

We teach our children not to fight in school. Children that fight in school get suspended. If our nation fights to prove its points, how is that different from anyone who uses violence to make a point or prove supremacy?

Supremacy was important when our actions would not hurt anyone. Now to reign supreme, we must displace others. In that displacement, we encourage and grow bitterness. Out of that bitterness, comes hate. In that hate, dwells bombs and fire and people who will use it against the oppressor.

What should we do now after the fact?

We should put on sack cloth and ashes. Our sin against the world is too great to be forgotten, nor taken lightly. We swore before the world our actions were correct due to the significant proof we would find. That proof not found indicates either a seriously broken apparatus or an apparatus willing to lie to achieve its goals. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. There is nothing special about our government that gives it the right to lie, steal or cheat. Our country is special in that we are a nation that gives all people the right to pursue life, liberty, and a safe place to do it.

We cheated. We lied. So once again, I tell you we must seek forgiveness for our actions. Perhaps if we seek forgiveness, we can proceed properly on the path to peace. No good ever comes out of war. Only more war, more fighting, more hate.

I am sure most of you know that if the world took what it spent on violence and applied it too universal health care, our civilization would progress to a point no one can imagine. But will it happen? No, I don’t think we have the maturity to do this.

The poor will remain poor. The rich will remain rich. Our civilization will fall because we are selfish and self-important. There is a price to be paid for every innocent that dies. At the end of time, the goats and sheep will be separated. Our sins of omission will be enough to get us grouped with the goats.

If our voices are not added to the choir, we will be shown the door. This door can only lead to death.

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